Corporate Dance Program


What Can Dancing Do For My Employees?

Dancing is a great way to get your team comfortable with one another. Desiree May Productions offer custom corporate team-building experiences for small and large groups. Whether an elegant Latin dance routine or fun and upbeat hip hop set, the program helps foster team socializing and a level of trust and teamwork.

Dancing is unique because it has the heart-healthy benefits of aerobic exercise that doubles as a social activity. In fact, the National Lung, Heart and Blood Association has said that dancing can lower the risk of coronary heart disease, lower blood pressure, help manage weight and strengthen the bones of legs and hips. Besides the health benefits, it reduces stress and helps maintain the positive outlook needed in the workplace.  If your employees are happy, you will be too.

Give them the gift of dance: both a sport and an art form filled with potential for increased self-esteem, confidence, fitness, fun and communicative skills. We are now offering classes in Latin, ballroom, and swing specifically tailored to the busy lives of executives.

Lessons can be at various locations or on-site at your company

•We will collaborate with you to customize lesson packages that fit the needs of your employees

•Lessons can be scheduled during the lunch hour, in the evenings or on the weekends

•Classes can take place at a local studio or at your office

•No partner necessary

•Beginners always welcome

Special Event Services include:

•Performances at corporate parties, product launches and special events

•Space rental of the studio

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