Custom Dance Choreography

Learn How To Dance On Your Own Time

Step 1: Schedule a FREE 20-30 min Skype Consult

We will discuss your vision, difficulty level, style, performance venue, dance length and everything necessary to make a unique and memorable dance.

Step 2: Choose the Perfect Song

Choose a song that represents you. If the song is too long, we can help cut or edit it to the desired length.

Step 3: Learn Your Personalized Dance 

DMProductions will send you a video of the entire dance along with a break down of each move. Take as much time as you need. The videos are for you to learn and keep. 

Step 4: Having trouble? Just ask!
If at any point you are having any trouble with the moves or patterns, just send a video and we will respond with tips and corrections by Skype, phone or email.  

Step 5: Polish and Prep

Send a final video and I will prepare you for your entrance and exit, as well as give tips to stylize.


Wedding Dance
Father & Daughter Dance
Mother & Son Dance
Debutant Dance
Talent Show Dance
Competition Dance

Slow (Waltz, Rumba, Foxy)

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