Introductory Lesson Gift Certificate

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Do your loved ones desire to learn how to dance beautifully at their wedding or just as a new hobby? Are you trying to encourage their hidden dancing potential? Or maybe you know someone who simply would love to dance but has always been a little nervous about stepping forward.Gift certificates are a great way to encourage a healthier lifestyle as well! Dancing is not only fun but also has been shown to boost happiness and mental health. It will burn off calories while offering a more social and bonding environment than a gym. Offer them a chance to stand out and be different. You will open a door to an exciting new world of dancing.

Your gift can be used towards:

Couple Social Dance,  Wedding First dance, Mother – Son dances, Father – Daughter dances, Or even other family members or members of a wedding party, Private wedding dance choreography.

Gift certificates can be e-mailed for print-out or mailed to you. Gift Certificates only valid for 1 hour "Intro Lesson and Consult".