Senior Dance Therapy Classes


Dance exercise is an aerobic activity that burn calories, works the heart muscle and is appropriate for any age and level of fitness. Dance requires constant movement at your own pace, which elevates the heart rate to pump oxygen faster through your blood. This is what makes it aerobic, or cardiovascular. Doing aerobics five to six days a week can help improve your energy levels, reduces risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, strengthens your heart and improves your overall mood. The American Council on Exercise suggests that dancing for aerobic fitness also can help improve your memory. 

Dance exercise can be very effective physical therapy for seniors. Dance therapy improves gait and balance in seniors, which can decrease risk of falling, according to the April 2010 Science Daily. Dance therapy encourages seniors to move in different directions from everyday movement. This helps improve overall balance, stamina and walking speed which are major risk factors in falling.


Desiree May Productions offers Dance therapy classes are offered in Senior Living Centers and Health Centers all over the East and South Bay Areas.

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